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Q1: About how many years will restoration set inside the mouth last?

This varies significantly depending on the patient’s oral environment, medical condition and the technician’s skill. Therefore, it is not possible to specify a given timeframe.. However, composite resin apparently lasts longer than ceramic restorations, which have low impact strength.


Q2: Resin Air Barrier is not included in the Intro Set or Gum Kit. Should it be used?

Resin Air Barrier (Air Barrier) has following characteristics and we recommend you to use it: Applying Air Barrier to the whole surface and then light curing it blocks air and reduces the uncured surface. After light curing, composite resin is affected by the oxygen in the air and stays easy to work with for additional layering until the surface is ground. However, uncured surface must be removed completely for polishing or the surface will not glaze. There is a tendency to think that uncured surface can be removed by grinding the surface at the shape modification stage, but sometimes uncured surface remains. Air Barrier will be useful when the grinding is not needed so much, but polishing is needed, keeping shape made by building up. Especially, uncured resin tends to remain more when grinding the swelled ridge on occlusal surface or margin of the posterior, compared with anterior teeth. Using Air Barrier makes polishing easier. We recommend you to use Air Barrier with the kit or set.


Q3: For bonding a jacket crown in the mouth, is it better to use resin cement material?

We recommend that you use resin cement material, which has the strongest adhesive strength, but it is OK to use other cement material.


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