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Technology »

Hybrid composite resin submicron filler primary particles, which combine to form a “Ceramics Cluster Filler” as a secondary particle with a larger surface.

TWiNY Flow »

TWiNY Flow is a flowable type composite resin which is not only for internal use but can also be used for the posteriors.

Enamel Clear »

A deeper color tone and sense of depth can be reproduced by making use of the way in which the product works on anteriors and posteriors.

Basic Layering »

Introducing basic layering technique for jacket crown, inlay, onlay and facing crown.Please refer to the section on inlay technique also.

Shade »

Introducing the shade table.TWiNY has a large number of shades in its product line-up.This enables dental technicians to exercise their skills to the full.

Line-up »

The TWiNY Set Line-Up
From regular, advanced, starter, and intro set to gum kit, our product line-up meets all our customers’ needs.

Q&A »

Introducing the answers to frequently asked questions about TWiNY.

Catalog/Manual »

Introducing the catalogs and instruction manuals for TWiNY and TWiNY Flow.

TWiNY is a light and heat cured indirect composite resin developed and based on Nano-technology.
By employing the newly developed specially-shaped inorganic filler, Ceramics Cluster Filler, TWiNY delivers excellent workability, high strength with excellent durability and outstanding aesthetics.
TWiNY has been examined based on ISO 10993, Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices, devised by the ISO. In addition, it has been thoroughly examined through various safety tests for biocompatibility at the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Kochi Medical School, Kochi University, Japan.
TWiNY is a truly reliable and highly beneficial material as indirect restorative system for,
Facing Crowns,Jacket Crowns,Crowns and Bridges,Implant Superstructures, Inlays and Onlays,Veneers,Temporary Crowns and so on.



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