Luna-Wing MANUAL »

Please read through this manual beforeusing the product.
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Nano Technology »

Resin exploiting the full potential of Nano-Technology, and has become one of the highest-density filler products on the market by using a mix of different-sized inorganic fillers.

Color »

Luna-Wing is designed to match the most popular shade guide in current dentistry.

Basic Layering Procedure »

Introducing polishing step using Invisible Opaque, Opaque, Dentine and Enamel.

Line-up »

Luna-Wing offers a wide range of useful selections from Intro Set to Regular Set. Add kits or single items in accordance with intended purpose.

Shade »

Since the Luna-Wing shade line-up matches the most widely used shade guides, it has high versatility and is easy to use.

Fiberglass »

Report on the bending strength of Luna Wing when in use with a fiberglass produc.

Q&A »

Introducing the answers to frequently asked questions about Luna-Wing.

Catalog/Leaflet »

Introducing the catalogs and instruction manuals for Luna-Wing.



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