KZR-CAD Provisional PC

Provisional restoration that the final image can be visualized.

It is advantages of provisional restoration that checking and correcting the shape easily with CAD data before milling and milling the final with the same CAD data. Moreover, the most suitable finishing way can be chosen from polishing or application of Nu:le Coat (applying Liquid Clear, Liquid color types or shade types) depending on the patients or cases. Please take advantage of KZR-CAD Provisional PC to achieve both efficiency and beauty that is befitting the digital age.

Suitable finish of provisional restorations can be achieved with polishing or application of Nu:le Coat Liquid Clear.
Set with temporary a cementing material.

Polished Finish (Maxillary bilateral central incisors)

Characterizing or shade adjustment with Nu:le Coat is recommended for the cases requiring long-term attachment.

Image of inter oral use

A photo provided by : DENTAL OFFICE EHARA (Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture, Japan) ; Dr. Daisuke Ehara


Nu:le Coat

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