KZR-CAD Denture PC

Provisional Denture

Based on the scan data of the denture usually used, it can be duplicated by CAD/CAM machine milling. In addition, if the data is stored, it can be quickly re-produced in the event of loss or damage.

Gum parts can be reproduced with Nu:le Coat Color type.*
*Please keep the thickness of Nu:le Coat less than 40μm (about 3 layers).


Polycarbonate is more flexible than PMMA. Therefore, it is resistant to repeated insertion and removal, and it can be expected to maintain transparency due to its high water absorption resistance.
It can be used for splints to prevent tooth wear due to bruxism.

More transparency finish coated with Nu:le Coat Clear
Autoclave sterilization is possible after applying Nu:le Coat

Nu:le Coat

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