From Professional Skills to Scientific Knowledge
and onward to Fusion with Medical Science

Over the course of history, dental materials of various kinds have been used in multi-purpose ways, and new materials have constantly been researched and developed in order to achieve better quality and meet the demand for new products. Treatment methods combining multiple materials have also become widely used.
On the other hand, the advance in sophistication of dental treatment has seen the demands placed on the materials’ properties changing from their physical chemistry to their biological properties. There has been a notable increase in public interest in the area. This change has occurred along with the development of dental materials and their associated treatment methods. Even if new materials are developed with excellent properties, they must be strictly non-toxic.
It is absolutely vital to ensure the safety of dental materials, no matter whether they are used domestically or overseas, and as a matter of course manufacturers must give priority to safety.

It is an undeniable fact that manufacturers have been prone to focus on mechanical properties such as handling and strength in their R&D, without considering product development from a deeper medical standpoint. This is a point which manufacturers need to fully understand.
By contrast, the research and development approach we propose constitutes a new system – more focused on safety, and also with a fresh R&D stance which fuses scientific functionality and medical safety.
From this viewpoint, our mission is to provide the kind of safe, reliable, high-performance dental materials that can accompany the future development of dental treatment to higher levels of sophistication.

Hirohisa Yamamoto
Chairman and CEO of YAMAKIN CO., LTD.

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