• 1957

    Shigetoshi Yamamoto founded Yamamoto Store and started to buy, sell, produce and refine precious ground metals

  • 1976

    Acquisition of the license for manufacture and sale of precious dental alloys

  • 2001

    Release of ZEO CE LIGHT, metal bond ceramics for dental use

  • 2003

    Obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certif ication Obtained CE marking certif ication and released ZEO CE LIGHT in Europe

  • 2006

    Released ZEOQUICK, second PFM brand Released Luna-Wing, Light Cured Indirect Composite Resin

  • 2008

    Luna-Wing awarded 22nd Kochi Prefecture Regional Industry Award

  • 2010

    Release of TWiNY, Light & Heat Cured Indirect Composite Resin.

  • 2011

    TWiNY awarded Shikoku Bureau of Economy, Trade & Industry Regional Industry Award

  • 2012

    Release LED CURE Master, a light curing machine

  • 2013

    Release of “Pre-Cure Master”, a Temporary Light Curing Equipment. (Domestic only)

  • 2014

    ・Release of “KZR Sinfer”, a Sintering Furnace for Zirconia. (Domestic only)
    ・Release of “KZR-CAD HR Disc”, a hybrid ceramic/resin disc for CAD/CAM use. (Domestic only)
    ・Release of “KZR-CAD Ti”, a titanium disc & block for CAD/CAM use. (Domestic only)

  • 2015

    ・KZR-CAD Hybrid Resin Block awarded Encouraging Prize of The 29th Kochi Local Industry Award.
    ・YAMAMOTO RECYCLE SYSTEM awarded Grand Prize of The 14th Kochi Ecology Industry AWARD.
    ・Release of “KZR-CAD HR Block2”, a hybrid ceramic/resin block.

  • 2016

    ・Release of “iGOS” and “iGOS-BOND”, a direct composite resin and its bonding material.
    ・YAMAKIN awarded Industry Promotion Prize of The 20th Shikoku Industrial Technology Award.
    ・YAMAKIN agreed on taking over the business of “NANO ZR” from Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd.
     and Panasonic Dental Co., Ltd.
     Note : On April 1, 2018, Panasonic Healthcare Holdings Co., Ltd. changed its name to PHC Holdings Corporation.

  • 2017

    ・Release of “KZR-CAD HR2 GR”, a multi-layer type of hybrid ceramic/resin block.
    ・Completion of construction: The Third Kochi Factory.
    ・Celebrated 60-year anniversary of YAMAKIN foundation.
    ・YAMAKIN changed the company name from Yamamoto Precious Metal Co., Ltd. to YAMAKIN CO., LTD.

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